The sandy soil of the vineyard yields fruity red wines :
the "Côtes du Rhône".

The clayey chalky soil produces red wines of character, strong and elegant : the "Côtes du Rhône Villages".
It also conveys to our white wines a real freshness and much distinction.


The estate is planted with the traditional grape varieties of the Côtes du Rhône region :

  • grenache,
  • syrah,
  • carignan,
  • mourvèdre,
  • cinsault ,
  • clairette,
  • ugni-blanc et marsanne.


    Our white wines are the result of the happy combination of :
    white Grenache for character,
    Clairette for the fruity taste,
    Bourboulenc and Ugni-blanc for freshness, elegance and distinction.      

    They are obtained by bleeding and fermentation at a low temperature of 18° C.



    The rosé wines are obtained by bleeding from Cinsault and black Grenache.

    The red wines are temperated by Cinsault, black Grenache confers to them splendour and gives them typicity and a powerful substance.

    The intensity of their robe and the aromas of red fruits and spices are given by Syrah.

    As for Mourvèdre, its tannins give them a potential for ageing.



    Vattings under control of temperature last at least 15 days for Côtes du Rhône.

    For  Côtes du Rhône Villages, vatting extends to 30 days.

    Fermentation at a regulated temperature of 30° C is ideal to extract the maximum of aromas, colours and tannins..For some red wines, maceration can last 2 months or more.


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